New & Improved Model: Cristin2.0

I’m back and you better believe I am better than ever.

After being verbally slapped into shape by my parents and realizing that friends were concerned because I hadn’t been acting like my sarcastic and outgoing self, I decided I needed an overhaul. Last night, I pulled out my favorite book (the same to which I attribute receiving my three fabulous internships) and was reminded as to why this book has become sort of like a bible. What is this book, you ask?

“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne significantly changed my life in the summer of 2009, a little more than one year ago from today. I learned during one of my classes from a “Make Me  A Supermodel” finalist (name will remain disclosed) that he attributed his success on that show and in life to this book. Needless to say, I had to have it right away. I headed to the bookstore where I was directed to the “Self-Help and Astrology” section (weird coupling). I marched up the stairs, determined to change my life. I brought the book home and finished all 198 pages in an hour and a half. I was captivated by this notion of living life already knowing you will be fabulous, rich and famous, or with the love of your life. After I finished, I got straight to imagining myself receiving an internship at MTV Networks, working in a skyscraper in New York and walking down red carpets. A month later, I received an e-mail requesting a phone interview with VH1 (I. WAS. FLOORED.)!

I followed the teachings of Ms. Byrne until around mid-January. I had already cemented my internship with Sony Music Entertainment, so I could not lose the position, but I suddenly became overwhelmed with the thought of graduation, loans, job hunts (let alone my fresh breakup with a long term boyfriend). I had lost the positivity and wishful thinking that had won me not one, but TWO coveted internships in New York City. The rest of the semester was a downward spiral, resulting in a broken jaw, court cases and joblessness. You know when you’re having a bad day, and then another ridiculously bad thing happens…it was like that, but for three months.

Luckily, my father called me yesterday. He was concerned with my attitude and he said some sarcastically enlightening words (the Irish aren’t very good at kind, heart-warming words of affection) and I was right back in the game!

These are my words of wisdom to anyone who is feeling beside themselves with disbelief about the job situation; Believe You Have IT (the job, the car, the money). When you think negatively, you are SURROUNDED by negativity. If I sound crazy, just get the book because this is the SECOND time it has changed my life.

Look out world…you’re all mine.

My Saving Grace...Again