To Get Minds Off of the Recession…

…how about a little musical interlude?

While interning at Jive LG, we were starting to pitch a new artist.  I had the pleasure of working on the press kits for a newly signed R&B superstar named Miguel. He is FABULOUSLY talented, an adorable guy and I cannot wait until he blows up!

I also had the privilege of listening to a phone interview between Miguel and a journalist. He is a doll and I hope when fame comes to this kid, he won’t let it go to his head (cough) Drake (cough).  His answers weren’t rehearsed but still addressed the questions at hand (a PR practitioner’s dream) and he treated my supervisor with the utmost respect. He is still humble and I just pray he stays true to himself…a half Mexican, half African American who can sing his heart out and is destined for success.