This is Really What I’m Best At…

I want to take a break from talking about interviews…graduation…salary…and just enjoy this blog post. I want to explain what I am best at.

I love music (thus my internship at Jive LG) and entertainment (my internship at VH1). I love anything and everything to do with promotions of music, the artist, the show…everything. That is where I ultimately want to end up one day and I realize I have to work hard to get there. But as I see it, I have been working unbelievably hard for the past four years so what is another four? I’m ready to go the extra mile to get what I want.

Working on bios, press plans, pitches, media lists and red carpet events is where I excel. I need that fast-paced, always hectic, non-stop, 60+ hour work week. I need the pressure.

But aside from music and entertainment, my true passion is for events; ever since I was little, I planned my own birthdays, sleepovers and my own graduation party. I then upgraded to planning my fraternity’s social events and formals. Finally, when I studied abroad in London, I had the privilege of interning at Inn or Out Ltd (  This was where I learned that my love was real; I didn’t mind going to work for a 16+ hour  work day while my friends were lounging at Hyde Park. I wanted to be there, to be involved and be considered part of the team. Lucky for me, I became part of the team instantly.

I am willing to start anywhere, but one day, I hope I am one of the lucky few to get into that extremely tight-knit field!