The Clash of Generations…

Our generation seems to always want to cut a few corners for instant gratification. Now, I’m not talking about in gym class when we were running laps and cut corners (which I did every time…sorry Ms. Andrews), but we were expecting to graduate college with a Porsche and adorable townhouse waiting for us with bows on top. Needless to say, that was not the case because I am still sharing a 1994 Chrysler LeBaron which happens to be missing the back window and is an easy target for the Philadelphia homeless population with my brother.I don’t want to say I was one of those expecting things to just happen, for the heavens to open up and my dream job to fall into my lap…but…I sort of was.

But all of the blame should not fall on us, because previous generations are doubting our abilities. Previous generations…the baby boomers, if you will…expect us to sit behind a computer, Facebook stalking and playing World of Warcraft all day instead of making them money. Needless to say, that is not the case either. There are members of my generation (including me) who are willing to go the distance for a company, to work for minimum wage (or for free) to prove ourselves to the bigwigs of any given industry. The question is, are they noticing?

When I send out resumes which boasts of three unpaid internships which required long commutes and no stipends, several  part-time positions promoting Fortune 500’s, a membership in an honor fraternity…are they intrigued by my ambition or sickened by my boastful e-mail attachment? I want honest answers. Companies are going so far as to say we, my generation, are “problematically overconfident.” Is it my generation which is problematically overconfident or the baby boomers who are problematically pessimistic?

We are capable. We may be confident but most of us are not cocky. We have been taught to fight for what we believe, and the truth is…we believe in ourselves. I guess we can work on the whole “cutting corners” thing, though.

We Are Capable