“Never the Woman Who Focuses on Playing House or Finding My Prince Charming”

I was recently accepted into Wayne State University in Detroit for a Graduate Certification program in Communication and New Media. Words cannot express how thrilled I am to once again take my life in a completely different direction than expected (heck, I’m already in Detroit!

I wanted to share my opening paragraph from my personal statement because I feel as though it accurately sums up my passion – my passion for all things new, exciting, unexpected and challenging.

I have never been the type of woman who focuses on playing house or finding my Prince Charming. While friends were planning weddings at the age of fourteen, I was keeping myself occupied with countless band practices, oratory competitions and editorial meetings. I haven’t lost sight of that ambition; throughout my collegiate years at Temple University in Philadelphia, I challenged myself to go above and beyond what was required or expected. Even while working four part-time jobs and securing several unpaid internships which all required a four-hour commute to and from New York City, I graduated on time. After college, I won a coveted internship with the Philadelphia Eagles that then transitioned into a full-time role on the communications staff. I have since picked up my entire life and moved into the heart of Detroit to once again further my career in Motor City without looking back. It is my desire to continue to push myself to achieve greatness in as many ways as I can, and the next step is continuing my education.

Here’s to yet another new chapter of my life beginning.


About cristinmcgrath

Cristin is a consumer engagement consultant who is currently exploring new opportunities within social media strategy and digital marketing. With experiences ranging from traditional media relations and public affairs to interactive and digital marketing with a specialization in emerging media, she is a versatile marketing professional.

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