Top 3 Follies of Full-Time Life

I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog since July (bad PR, for sure), but I have been trying to adjust to having a full-time job which is no easy feat.

By the time I get home, my brain is fried from countless press releases, media alerts and articles — just thinking about trying to formulate a thought gives me a headache. (Un)fortunately, I went out to dinner last night, something did not agree with me. I had to call off sick to ensure there is no christening of the office bathroom which would have been unpleasant for all parties involved.

So without further adieu, I present “Cristin’s Top 3 Full-Time Follies.”

  1. Not Eating Breakfast: Ah yes, the lesson your mother has been trying to teach you for years — always eat breakfast. Seeing as I was never a breakfast kind of gal growing up, I thought I’d be fine running on E until lunch. WRONG. Around 8:45am, my eyes start drooping; at 10:00am, sounds that mimic a rabid beast emerge from stomach; and by lunchtime, I am so hungry that my mouth turns into a black hole. Do not let this happen to you. I have learned my lesson and make time for a small breakfast every day.
  2. Hating Coffee: I hated coffee. Unless it was packed with caramel, lard and sugar, I wouldn’t go near a cup o’ Joe. After just one month of work, I probably feel the same love for coffee that I will feel for my first born. Luckily, a one-cup coffee machine is at my fingertips and I enjoy a delicious cup of French Vanilla coffee with organic half and half every morning and afternoon. It is clockwork.
  3. Forgoing a Cocktail: For four years, I had friends everywhere I turned. We could go to lunch, hang out between classes or grab a drink after class. Now, I moved off of campus into West Philadelphia. I have zero friends in this “part of town” and I get so lonely! I am a social butterfly — I need social interaction! For the first few weeks at work, I’d turn down a drink or dinner after work because I was sleepy. I have now learned to say yes to any offer than comes my way. I need a chance to unwind, relax and talk about things unrelated to the old pigskin.

Hopefully, by my two month anniversary, I will have this full-time gig down to a science. I’ll be able to juggle a social life and work. Maybe. Fingers crossed.


About cristinmcgrath

Cristin is a consumer engagement consultant who is currently exploring new opportunities within social media strategy and digital marketing. With experiences ranging from traditional media relations and public affairs to interactive and digital marketing with a specialization in emerging media, she is a versatile marketing professional.

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