Learning to Relax

Relaxing is the New Black

So I have officially be a “college graduate” for fifteen days, but who’s counting? I have come to the realization that I do not, cannot and will not understand a person who enjoys having nothing to do. For fifteen days, I have kept myself busy by applying to relevant positions, fantasizing about which city I will live in and pretending like I have the funds to purchase a new car (I test drove an Accent and almost bought a Mazda3).  I cannot fathom having to do nothing for the remainder of my life…I’d go crazy!

I suppose this is a strength and a weakness. In the PR world, having the ability to continuously work for hours on end is, by no stretch, a con. But what happens if, like now, I find myself in a period of unemployment? I’m going stir-crazy. Thank goodness for my part time gigs. Big love to Dell and Tuttleman Computer Lab at Temple University.

Slowly and surely (I think), I am learning to relax. When I first graduated, I would wake up panicked that I was missing an important class, was late for my bus to New York City, had to meet my group for a presentation…but alas, I had nothing to do. Now, I am finally sleeping through the night and am actually SLEEPING IN! I haven’t been able to sleep in since freshman year of college (I used to be a pro).

But I’m positive, as soon as I relax, take  a deep breath and begin enjoying the life of nothingness, I will have agencies knocking down my door (or so I hope).


About cristinmcgrath

Cristin is a consumer engagement consultant who is currently exploring new opportunities within social media strategy and digital marketing. With experiences ranging from traditional media relations and public affairs to interactive and digital marketing with a specialization in emerging media, she is a versatile marketing professional.

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