Pre- and Post-Phone Interview

I have had MANY phone interviews in my 21 short years, however I have never had one that I felt so confidently about as the one I had this afternoon. And I believe it was because I had completely prepared myself. How did I prepare for this interview, you ask? Well, let me tell you.

The first thing I did was look at the website; if a company is good, they’re website should be great. This website was fabulous and gave me a general perception of the attitude of the company. Employees looked young, hip and strikingly attractive (let’s hope I’m cute enough to work there), and this gave me confidence. I learned that this company is international (which is exactly what I’m looking for). I read through the pages and familiarized myself with the terminology; the last thing I wanted to do was appear uninformed. By the time my phone rang, I was completely informed about the company, their mission and the team.

During the interview, I always feed off of the recruiter; if a recruiter doesn’t think I’m funny, odds are the interview is going down in flames. If the recruiter is a conversationalist, someone who realizes that I am nervous and attempting to make corny jokes while still proving myself capable of the position, it is probable that I will knock it out of the park. Armed with my list of buzz words and questions, I entered the phone interview confidently. Luckily, the woman interviewing me was young, knew the company and asked great questions but remembered what it was like to come out of college. She thought I was funny enough to give me pity-giggles, and I provided her with reasons of why I could be perfect for the position.

After I had proven myself worthy of her time, she asked if I was able to come in for an interview; now I know this could be it! I excel in face-to-face interviews! I suppose my humor will come across stronger during a personal interview; I tend to use my hands and face to convey jokes. So keep your fingers crossed…I have a gut feeling about this one. I’ll keep you all updated!

My Opportunity Doesn't Knock...It Calls


One thought on “Pre- and Post-Phone Interview

  1. Hey…maybe as a tip…you could post a few questions from your phone interview. I have a book from Sen. Sem. that is all about interviewing and telephone interviews, so I think it would be interesting to hear what questions you were asked and your reaction. Best of Luck Cristin.

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