Did We Choose the Wrong Major?

Oh my gosh. What if everything everyone has been saying…is true? Should we have been doctors, lawyers or accountants instead of journalists or publicists?

$40,000 Diploma = Unemployment & Welfare

Even the acclaimed graduation speaker made the entire class of 2010 doublethink its decision to have chosen the School of Communications & Theater as opposed to FOX School of Business or the College of Science & Technology. There is no doubt that ALL graduates are being hit, but who is truly being hit the hardest? It can’t be everyone…can it? Yes, it can. Once I read that only 33% of Harvard graduates had jobs lined up, I did not feel to bad about my two part-time gigs. I’ll sit behind a computer any day; just don’t make me sit at home, mooch off of my parents and stuff my face.

According to BusinessWeek, “Unemployment among people under 25 years old was 19.6 percent in April, the highest level since the Labor Department began tracking the data in 1948.” Well, isn’t that enough to make you thrown in the towel, take your overpriced diploma and fall into the fetal position in your parents’ basement. I, however, am a confident, overly aggressive and unbelievably proud 21-year old woman who refuses to move back to her parents’ home in Pennsyltucky (if just for the fact that it takes 20 minutes to get to the nearest gas station).  After residing in the cut of North Philadelphia for the past 4 years, asking me to live anywhere besides seconds from a subway station, police station and crime scene is preposterous; I just cannot do it. So I say “Screw you, highest unemployment level since 1948.” You will try to knock us down, and maybe we’ll be down for a minute, but after we recuperate at our parents’ house, we will be back for you.

We are a determined, forceful and educated public, and you better believe we will not rest…or work at your local fast food chain. We are too proud. And I will be happy to lead us to a revolution, or at least to the unemployment office for the time being.

If you have time, leave a comment. I want to know what everyone else thinks. Who else wants to join my revolutionary army of one undergrad holding an expensive piece of paper?


2 thoughts on “Did We Choose the Wrong Major?

  1. Seriously, that’s the best thing I’ve read in a while. So true! In fact, it’s just what I needed to read after my 24 hour depression yesterday regarding not having a job and kicking my ass for 4 years just to get a diploma…just to get a job! And now….no jobs?? It’s ridiculous. I keep saying, everyone is talking about it – but no one is DOING anything about it. And why are companies going to hire more people when they’ve been downsized for a year and can do 5 peoples job with only 1 person?? I wish I was born just 2.5 years earlier…I could be sitting at a desk right now instead of my dad’s couch watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch!!!

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