Am I Being Facetious? Or Just Keeping It Real?

Sure, maybe you will think I am being facetious when I say that public relations is a lifestyle (and maybe part of me is).

But to be honest, not a day goes by where I attend an event, watch a commercial or read an advertisement and think to myself, “That was a HORRIBLE idea,” or “What in the WORLD was that supposed to do?” Through my four years at Temple, my professors have somehow drilled it into my brain…EAT, BREATHE & LIVE PR. I am unsure if this is a good thing or a bad thing; it means I’m extremely conscious of anything and everything PR but it also means that I may appear audacious by commenting (quite often) on the work of others.
But to be honest, this tendency to observe everything pertaining to publicity and the like may be innate. I was thinking of how to better a situation that I certainly wasn’t involved in since the days of running around the playground. We would be picking kickball teams, and I would think to myself “This would go a lot smoother if we broke it into a tournament.” We would be planning our Valentine’s Day party, and I would think “Mrs. Greth, if you would assign us something to bring, then you wouldn’t end up with five packages of plates!” I was born to plan, publicize and execute; it is just what I do.

And nothing should make you happier than when what you do for a living is your absolute passion in life.

Still Aggressive

Still a Go-Getter, Even in Diapers


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